[CSKeFu Dev] PR Merged - fix: try with resource ensure resource close #674

Hai Liang Wang hailiang.hl.wang at gmail.com
Fri Apr 1 01:45:29 UTC 2022

Morning, xiaobo9, a new contributor.

URL https://github.com/chatopera/cskefu/pull/674
Committer @xiaobo9 <https://github.com/xiaobo9>


   1. 通过 try with resource 语法糖保证资源关闭
   2. 修复 ACDAgentService#notifyAgentUserProcessResult 中有问题的空指针判断
   3. 通过代码检查工具发现的一些代码问题

Status: merged

Hai Liang W., Community Lead, CSKeFu
OpenSource Contact Center, https://www.cskefu.com/
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